C&L Appliance Repair
11469 Olive Blvd, Hamburg, IL 63141
(636) 577-5274
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About Company: Specialties We service all major brands of home appliances. We are a prompt and courteous service and we stand behind our work. History Established in 2013. C&L Appliance Repair was started to provide quality affordable appliance repair. Running my own business allows me to set the schedule and work around those family and civic events that are so important to fulfilling life. We do our best for our customers so they can also get out and enjoy those things meaningful to them. Meet the Business Owner Curtis N. Business Owner I was born in Missouri and have spent most of my life here. I have spent years working on commercial and residential appliances and finally decided to attend the Raker School of Appliance Repair and start my own business. I have to admit going into business for myself is scary but rewarding. Having left behind the sure knowledge of a weekly paycheck and now having to take care of the taxes and everything else is kind of intimidating but I wouldn't go back. I can now give the type of service I believe people deserve at a price we can both live with.
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